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Used by sensitives, shamans and healers all over the world, crystal grids are wonderful tools that can aid humanity in their quest for peace, healing and balance. Crystals are known for infusing beautiful benevolent energy into people and places, and our unique, framed crystal grids carry large energy fields to facilitate this transformation.

If you are a lightworker, yoga teacher, reiki master, pranic healer, massage therapist, kinesiologist, chiropractor, seer or psychic, crystal grids make perfect gifts for your practice. Crystal Clear Alchemy’s crystal grids are wonderful additions to healing spaces, treatment rooms, studios or any room that could benefit from the healing, calming yet dominant energy that crystals bring. The healing grids can instantly lift the energy of a room and create mesmerising responses for all who enter. They can harmonise, transform, settle and build energy for your clients and yourself and allow you to do your healing work naturally. All healing comes from a change in consciousness, and crystals are known to communicate with us on an etheric level to aid this greater awareness. 

The crystal grid designs are unique to Crystal Clear Alchemy as Leah, our founder, has over 15 years experience in graphic design, art and healing modalities. Our crystal grids are joined with Metatrons Cube, the Flower of Life and other Sacred Geometry designs, making our framed crystal grids are powerful companions in your lifes path that can aid downloads from source energy. Sacred Geometry is a range of naturally occurring patterns found in nature and the geometric designs have appeared in temples and sacred places since the beginning of man. Sacred Geometry is a tool for magic and energy transmission, and these vibrating healing crystal grids are known to tune you into the right frequency.

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Each crystal is unique, just as you are. We all have a magic in us, and crystals are exactly the same. Our healing crystal grids mostly come ready to hang and are able to be hung on the wall as wall art or placed on a desktop. 

Only the best, hand picked crystals from all over the world make it onto our crystal grids. We ship worldwide from Australia and use recycled packaging always. We care about the environment and use carbon neutral methods wherever possible and…